Thursday, May 21, 2015

chalk painted 1970's stone fireplace

hi there!
 my lil ol seventies fireplace sure gets a lot of attention,
 thanks to Pinterest!!
i wrote a post about this makeover here
if you click on the link you will find photos of the painting process. at the end of this post i will go into more detail and answer some questions….rest assured this is super easy to do.

i painted the old brown stone of my fireplace with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

before i go into detail about how i painted it,

here are some more images of the 





wayyyyy before…i mean like seven years ago…before I even painted the brown mantel.
man oh man, the seventies were dark.
and after….
can you hear the choir of angels singing?

here it is today.
fresh and gray and subtle and oh so neutral.

so, i want to answer some questions that i am often asked about  how to get this effect….

the original 1970's stone and mortar was simply dusted off before i painted.

i did NOT prime.
i did NOT sand.
or even clean the stone.
i just dusted.

i applied a 
of Annie Sloan Paris Gray Chalk Paint

a "wash"
is simply a paint that has been diluted with water.
i used very little, i mean very little paint.
i did not measure but i am guessing it was about

1/4 cup of paint to 3/4 cup of water.

i used an old paint brush to wash this over the stone and the mortar….letting it soak into the stone.

i let this first layer dry…but believe me it did not take long…perhaps 15 minutes…
and then i applied another wash to get rid of more brown tones that were peaking through.

next, I added more dimension and depth to the stones by
using a 
dry brush technique.

i used the same Paris Gray paint mixed with some ordinary white house paint that i had on hand…any latex house paint will work.

"dry brush"
means to work your paint down into the brush
and then wipe off most of the paint onto a newspaper or rag…
so that there is very little paint on the ends of the brush. 
your brush will be rather well, dry.

use the side of this "dry brush" to lightly hit the raised parts of the stone…so as to highlight parts of the stone….i used a rag to wipe and dab off any visible brush strokes as i went.

that's it.

i painted my fireplace over two years ago and it has held up fine even with occasional use of the fireplace. the heat from the fire has not affected the paint at all.

i have no regrets.
regrets are a waste of time.

i sure hope this helps.

be brave.
paint your fireplace !

p.s. i am so much more than just my fireplace make over.  while you are here, won't you please take a gander at my other pages? i have lots of goodies and eye candy to share with you.

thank you,

Sunday, August 17, 2014

City Farmhouse Pop Up Show!!

it's been a while...i know!!  i almost forgot how to post!  it's not because i haven't anything to post about...but more that i have sooooo many things happening...i have been posting an image on Instagram almost every day and LOVE iT!!  it's well...just so instant and simple and i am amazed at the quality of photos that my smart phone please follow me there, if you wish to.....

so, i suppose by now you have heard of the

 City Farmhouse Pop-up Sale

coming this October 17-18??
hosted by my friends

Kim and David Leggett
owners of one of my favorite stores here in Franklin, Tn.
City Farmhouse

this years pop up sale (the second annual) will be held on the grounds of the Buddy Killen Mansion,
in Leipers Fork, TN...
a cool old decrepid, unlived in mansion that feels stuck in time (1960-80)...used to be owned by a big wig music publisher named Buddy Killen...a grand 17,000 square foot home that was uber sheik back in its day....see that picture above .....of me and Kim and David (center back) and other designers ...we are standing in front of the mansion and those magical rainbow beams just appeared above us in the photo!  pretty cool huh?
the grounds surrounding the mansion have been untouched and overgrown for years and have a "Grey Gardens" feel about them which i find magical....

years of wisteria vines have taken over the back pergolas....

here's Kim (big chicken) scared to venture into the overgrown alee of vines and boxwood...a secret three tiered fountain is hidden inside...
she wasn't really scared just cautious....ha ha.
i feel honored that Kim has asked me and my friend Anna Anderson to partake in this super inspiring and creative project called 
Folk and Folly
during the pop up barn sale,
here is a description i lifted off of the site.....
and check out that room above where we will be displaying our art/antique installation!!!!

Folk & Folly
What is Folk & Folly? Folk & Folly, sponsored by Social Marmalade, is a creative and collaborative design showcase presented as part of the “Dream Team” events at the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show. Folk & Folly will showcase local talent (interior designers, artists, creative directors, photographers, etc.) and the revered qualities that set apart creativity in the Southern milieu: elbow grease, resourcefulness, storytelling, and play.
A group of selected artists and creative industry professionals will team up with the challenge of creating installations that will generate curiosity and connection, using “found objects” — or more aptly, “picked” items — in the creation. Think “Alice in Wonderland”, “Where the Wild Things Are”, “Avant Garde”.
During the two day event, show attendees will be given the liberty to follow their curiosity into the "lost in time" plantation home of Buddy Killen. Inside they will find a space that captures their attention, inspires them to share what they’ve seen, and engages them into looking further at the individual artists who have creatively presented their “outside the box way of creating and presenting design”. This unique showcase is sure to pleasantly surprise all of those who wander through.

so this old mansion.....
has a chandelier in every room...wowza!
and here is just a
of what is to appear in our room....

and another tease....
stay tuned,
because this is going to be so cool and avant-garde
and right up my artsy-fartsy alley!
we are so excited to be included in this
 first of its kind
yep, that is the space we will be decorating!!
(that's Jason Counce, one of the other designers and photo bomber, who will be decorating another room)
did i mention that 
Matthew Mead
Nina Hartmann
will be there!!!
more info
and teasers to come....

stay well, my friends!


Friday, June 20, 2014 bedroom

hi friends!
just poppin in to give you a little tour of my bedroom....

decluttered, simplified and freshened

 up for the summer....

mr. dan went on a fishing trip recently,
and i developed a serious crush.
his name is
benjamin moore.


this perfect soft blue/grey is called "silver cloud" it!
and it went on like one coat.

i have had these two old doors hanging out in my living room like forever....and i brought them in here, plopped them on either side of the bed..... and loved the simple/zen look so much, that i scrapped the whole idea of using two old garden gates that i purchased recently as a headboard (sorry, forgot to include a photo of the gates....which weigh a couple of tons.....and probably would have fallen off the wall and killed someone.....which would not be a bad way to go....actually).

my friend kim leggett from "city farmhouse",

who owns one of my very favorite stores in franklin....
came up with the brilliant idea of  hanging some lights from the doors
 (and of course i had the perfect lights in my prop room...who doesn't?)

and she suggested i hang some of my handmade

( words+wire=wirds )

above the bed.

inspired by the little sign that i "lifted"
 from a stay at the ritz carleton.

thanks kim!
for the great ideas!!

white chenille bedspread from a tag sale
was a bargain for $5.

love me some
 ball fringe.

a mix match of bedding...

annabelle hydrangea cut from my backyard
on a bedside table...

"hi there!"

funky accessories
just for fun...

part of an old yo yo quilt as dresser scarf...

these lights,
at night
 are so perfect!

lavender is soothing....
darling daughter gave me the awesome vase.

and simple white/breezy sheers bought at world market
soften the big windows.

i absotootly 
love my bedroom now!

 hope you enjoyed this little tour today
you are having a good summer!!
(officially starts tomorrow!)


p.s.  i have installed fancy schmancy logos on my side bar...
but, i can not for the life of me figure out how to make them smaller? ? and gave up trying for now...the computer can be such a time suck!
you can click on them to instantly take you to my links....
won't you please 
"follow" me
on Face book 

p.p.s i have been the proud owner of my very first smart phone for about a month now....
and i am totally addicted to Instagram!!!
sooooo fun.

Monday, May 26, 2014

back deck abloomin!


 from my back deck!

i call this my favorite "room" in the house....

please enjoy these photos
 enhanced in photoshop (just for fun)
 with a
"soft and faded" action
from "Pioneer Woman"

we spend a lot of time out here....

right now,
 the New Dawn Rose
 is blooming in all its full glory
 over one of the arbors....

my urns are planted out with an all white palette....

and bright pink hydrangeas add a pop of color....

last year i had a swing hanging here,
 and this year, i have moved my little garden folly greenhouse to this location...
and lo and behold...

two types of clematis (henryii and jackmanii) both found their way into the folly (with just a wee bit of my coaxing)

nature amazes and inspires me so!

i hope you enjoyed this little tour

 of a part of my world...

can you see why this is my favorite room?

happy day to you, my friends!